Staying on Your Diet while Eating Out - How to Shed Weight While Eating in a Restaurant!

One of the hardest things for dieters to do is go out for food with friends and family. The problem? You are worried about giving in to temptation, and your diet plan going bust, because when dining out, it's easy to overeat.

So what do you do? Skip the fun of an evening out with friends or family and sulk at home?

Or go out and ruin your diet plan that you have been diligently following for the past few weeks?

No! Just because you're on a diet plan doesn’t mean that you have to deny yourself the little pleasures of life, like a meal out with friends! Strip That Fat will tell you how you can you go out AND have a blast with your friends, and how you can even enjoy a good meal without sabotaging your diet plan, if you follow these basic tips about eating out:

  • First of all, make a rough plan in advance about your choices of foods. This way you won't be confronted with the problem of deciding what to order when the waiter hands over the menu to you. If you are unfamiliar, give them a call or take a look at their website to see what their offerings are like. If there is not enough information, then ask somebody.
  • Never skip your meals earlier in the day simply because you are eating out in the evening. Skipping meals often causes you to consume more calories in the night, when your calorie requirement is actually low. All excess calories would end up being stored as body fat, because they are not going to compensate you for having skipped the afternoon meal or be saved to be used for your next day’s requirement.
  • Have a proper lunch so that in the evening you won’t pounce on and devour whatever comes to the table. To put your appetite under control, carry a piece of your favorite fruit and a handful of nuts to nibble on while on the way to the restaurant. You may even eat a small bowl of salad some half an hour before leaving for the restaurant.
  • Now, while at the restaurant, go for an ‘a la carte’ menu instead of eat-as-much-as-you-can buffets. Choose dishes with extra portions of vegetables and order smaller portions or split portions with friends. Ask about food preparation methods and key ingredients. Ask about lower calorie options, and find out how lenient they are about mixing and matching entrees to fit your individual needs.
  • Start your meal with a glass of plain water. Keep your hands off the bread plate, or the cracker basket. Ask the server to remove it, unless one of your group protests. Most people mistake their thirst for hunger and eat when they could have saved themselves from those calories with a glass of water.

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Remember, it's these little changes that that can go a long way in not letting your diet plan go bust when eating out with friends or family who aren’t dieting.

But don’t worry if you succumb to temptation, because habits are hard to break, especially if you try to overhaul your whole life in one shot. A change that big is hard to take for even the most driven people. It’s okay to break the dieting rules once in a while, because change takes time, and you will still be losing weight as the bad habits die out.

The best diets are those that do allow for some flexibility and personalization. They are easy to follow and understand, with easily obtained and prepared food. The Strip That Fat Diet Creator will allow you to quickly and easily create 14-day meal plans following this methodology. It will not restrict you to tiny portions, or cut out the foods you love. It is an attainable and maintainable diet that anyone can benefit from.

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